Talking Gingerbread Men

 The Gingerbread Man has to be one of my favorite books to use at the beginning of the school year. It has all the things a teacher could want--predictable text, a few fun characters, the possibility to act it out...not to mention it's a cultural staple! (At least it is in America).

The temp has dropped considerably in Rome over the last few days. The change brings the expected common cold. We had a few absences at the schoolhouse today.

And then there were two...

So here's some of what I did with the adorable pair today...

first we read the story

and after eating their snack, we moved on to the activity

they drew their gingerbread men and I then traced them

pulled out our crafty supples (also known as artsy fartsy stuff)

and made magic

During writing workshop I introduced speech bubbles

They didn't...and that's alright.

What's most important is that we made the gingerbread men talk.

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