DIY iPhone case with Marghe

One day I'm gonna convince this girl to have her own YouTube crafting show. I am. I've already hipped her to Pinterest. (translation for slang: she's now a member of the Pinterest community because I told her about it)

So while wasting time on Facebook a couple of days ago a PM popped up from 16 year-old Margherita and the conversation went a lil' something like this--

Marghe: So happy to show you my new iPhone case
Marghe: DIY by Marghe to keep my phone off of the floor and to keep me from bumping into it

Me: aaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! i love it! can i put it on the blog? can i give you homework to write about how you made it? lol! i really wanna know!! i'm serious about putting it on the blog. you need pinterest!

Marghe: I have it but i use it just to see the pictures
I'll do the homework for my best teacher but now i'm still studying
I'll do it tonight or tomorrow
**a couple of hours later

Cell phone charging holder
For this diy project you will need: -A carton box(medium size) -Hot glue -Cloth Method.. 1)remove the top of the box 2)cut two holes for the sockets(one vertical and one horizontal) 3)line the box with your favorite cloth ,using the hot glue P. S. To get a tougher version ,stick a "copri presa"between carton and cloth !
Now i will sent u a picture of a "copri presa"because i don't know how translate it

Me: love it. i think you mean socket cover


Me: I do know I love your gray nails. :0) But what's the silver part? It all looks so complicated!

Marghe: I did it in like 5 minutes. Silver part is the socket cover.

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Me: shut up! (that's american for "no way!")

Marghe: Ahahahahahahahaha

Me: Dang you're good

Then she pm'd me another DIY project she threw together recently, and when she writes it up it'll be on this blog...and on Pinterest. :0)

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