How many seeds are in your apple?

One of the ongoing themes for this month is apples.
How I wish we had a kitchen at The English Schoolhouse so I could make some of my favorite snacks with the kids--apple pie, apple cake, apple dumplings, apple cider...
who knows? Maybe when we open the second one.

Anyhoo, we've been learning a lot about one of my favorite fruits. Last week we started out with this story-
It looks sweet and simple enough

but it's full of scientific facts, info & diagrams
 When we finished reading
I whipped out an apple

sliced it in 1/2
And we observed and discussed. I told the kids we'd be making an apple diagram of our own.
We cut out an apple form using white paper

The book stated that most apples don't have more than 10 seeds...
ours had THIRTEEN!
(not all pictured you can see I was battling some seed swipers while trying to take the pic)

our finished apple diagrams--
well, not really finished.
I would have love to have labeled them but you'd be surprised how an hour and a half lesson flies by

Some kids stay longer at the schoolhouse, so we extended the lesson and made some fun apple prints...

and one student still had apples on the brain when it was time for journal writing
Sigh. What we coulda done with a kitchen.

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