Fun Times at The Milk Bar

So the first time I heard about The Milk Bar in Rome, I don't think I was paying a good amount of attention because had I been I would not have erroneously thought for so long that it was a drinking pub like the one that exists in Dallas, Texas.

Shame on me.

Had I known it is a virtual haven of wonderful and necessary stuff for mamas (said stuff ranges from good bras for breastfeeding, too cute for words onesies, pumps and attachments and gadgets, and things you might think you could only find in your local specialty shop in the states) I woulda been in the owner Kiersten's pocket a looooooooong time ago. I'd also like to add that Kiersten is the type of girl I'd like to sit down and have a glass of wine and a chat with, but that's neither here nor there...

The point is this morning I hoofed it on over to the center (right off of Merulana) and popped into the Milk Bar, where I chatted up Kiersten, who is a mama, a New Yorker, & the owner.

The first thing that struck me was how I'd needed almost EVERYTHING that's inside about a year ago, right after I had Milo. The Milk Bar even carries accessories for the Medela breast pump I used. I was paying out the wazoo to ship this stuff from the states!

In fact, in our conversation Kiersten said that she stocks her shelves with things she's needed & wanted in the past but couldn't find. Smart, man. Really smart. And necessary. I love it when moms cook up good ideas and run with them.

Speaking of runnin', you should do just yourself on over to The Milk Bar and check out the great stuff they have for mamas and babies.
Here are some of my favorites--

How cool and useful is this?! Because the restaurants we most often go to never have a high chair!
Beats the pants off of trying to simultaneously eat and feed your baby who's sitting in your lap and reaching for your glass of Chianti.

love this too...a portable diaper changing mat
'cause Rome isn't just overflowing with diaper changing tables now is it?

Lord knows I wish I had this onesie for our toddler and another for our 4 year-old

I'd take it in Italian too.

I'm smitten w/ this zebra backpack

this one's adorbs, too
Coulda taken so many more pics, but Kiersten was on her way out and I had to scoot as well. But no worries, I think we'll be seeing each other again soon. That zebra backpack has my son's name on it.

Here's some info on the store--
Via di San Martino ai Monti, 34 Rome 00184

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