Life Lesson Taught This Week: Eyebrows Can Make or Break a Face

There are many times throughout the school year when any good teacher takes advantage of what those who have studied education call "the teachable moment." One such opportunity presented itself earlier in the week.

I was hanging out with a group of 4 and 5 year-olds at the schoolhouse and we'd just finished reading our book of the day--
We'd moved along to the craft, which I've done with many classes over the years. I found it on DLTK's website here- (btw, they have so many cute crafty and FREE ideas on that site for little ones).

So we got out our materials...

just the black and white templates plus some paper bags

and made some witch puppets...

 after coloring in the sheets we cut out all the witch's body parts and then assembled before gluing
Leo noticed that depending on how you place the eyebrows, the witch could either look angry

or pleasantly surprised

 They glued their eyebrows accordingly...

and inadvertently learned the importance of well-positioned eyebrows.

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