Kids Cackle Best

They really do.
They have a real knack for cackling.
It's probably some innate skill they're born with and we just don't nurture it as non-witch humans. Kids cackle just about as well as they produce ear-piercing cries when they injure themselves slightly or severely.

Anyway, a few days ago I read aloud one of my favorite books for this time of year, Zoom Broom. It's the sequel to Piggie Pie.
The vocabulary is exceptional and difficult.  It's a witty book that I've used w/teenagers & adults as well.
We had a little chat about witches and some of their distinguishing know, terrible eyesight, warts, beady eyes, brooms, generally horrible dispositions, cackling...

We practiced cackling (which the kids nailed, naturally), then made some witches--

 I got inspiration from this activity on Pinterest here, but I think the kids totally made it their own...

Completely cackle-worthy. Pinterest-worthy, too.

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