Achilles is Missing!

So yesterday afternoon I had my private lesson with Rebecca.

And we stuck to our routine...
We checked her homework, and did her spelling test (which she aced)..
She verbally summarized the book she'd checked out last week, Orpheus and Eurydice. After she finished, I broke the news to her that we wouldn't be able to move on with the next book she was interested in, Achilles, because it's missing. I won't detail the exchange here, but it involved her referring to her karate skills and suggesting we contact the police. Gotta love 7 year-olds.

In the end, we decided putting up a "Missing" poster would help. So she made one...

underneath it reads, "Please return if you do not we will call the police"

she drove the point home w/ an illustration
<3 the prisoner in the background
I taped the poster up right next to our bookshelf in the reception area.
"Ah! That reminds me!" I shrieked, "I also need a sign that reads 'Books for Sale'! And who better to make that than you? You love books, and you're clearly very talented when it comes to poster design..."
She nodded, squealed, and ran back to the classroom in her socks.
A few minutes later she'd done this...

I couldn't agree more, and I couldn't have said it better myself.
 and as a side note, not EVERY single thing kids do has to be corrected and spell checked. Some things are perfect because they're imperfect.
she even added our logo
We moved along to the poem of the week...
and a quick write exercise.
another poem in 4 minutes
Since Achilles was off the table as a book to check out, we took a look at her Books to Read list.
She chose one she'd preselected.
and we added it to her homework folder

we reviewed the vocab and grammar we learned, and chose her spelling words to practice for next week

and with the last 10 minutes of the lesson Rebecca chose to whip up another lyre,
Orpheus' lyre of course
to donate to The English Schoolhouse
It's hanging in the lobby, right next to the "Missing" poster.

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