English Lessons at the coffee shop (The Muffineria)

I'm of the opinion that any experience can be enhanced with the addition of coffee and a good snack.
Learning English is no exception.

Yesterday Marghe trucked it on over to the schoolhouse for her lesson (all the way from the center). I opened the door, kissed her on both cheeks, and asked if she was tired (it's about a 30 minute commute!)
"No!" she said.
"Do you wanna stay here or would you rather have an adventure?"
"An adventure!" she beamed.

So we did.
After a 10-minute walk and a chat about her weekend in London we were here...
It's a muffin bakery in the San Paolo area called The Muffineria.
We ordered our drinks...
and got to work..but not before checking out the place

love this idea

and this teapot as a lamp

we read a few pages of the book she bought in London and donated to The English Schoolhouse
I would have loved to have stayed there all afternoon, but we had to get back for my 2:00 lesson at the schoolhouse w/Rebecca.
And that was another adventure.
I love my job.

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