Tina The Turkey Talks To...An Impromptu Lesson on Alliteration

So yesterday I hung out with Rebecca, and we started with our usual...
Communication journal, homework, spelling test, picking out a new chapter book to read (did I mention Rebecca's 7 years old?) poetry, and a read aloud.

Rebecca and her family will be coming by the schoolhouse for Thanksgiving dinner next week, and she's all excited about it, as am I. She had the idea about the craft she wanted to make before we even read the book. In fact, her craft idea sparked the book choice. "I was thinking we could make a turkey that looks like a real one! A big one!"

So I picked out an appropriate chapter book:
we read it together on the spot, taking turns reading each chapter

As she turned the last page she squealed, "Now time for the craft!"
We raided the resource room, and after five minutes or so of planning we brought this-
an abnormally large cardboard roll
and this
back into the classroom.
I wanted to crumple them all together and whip up some plaster and make a very messy craft kinda turkey model kinda thing.
Rebecca shook her head and asked for tape.

she turned to this page in the book and slipped the paper bag over the tube
We taped it on...

 And she did her thing...

Awesome--mind you, it's also a puppet.
There were about five minutes left in the lesson. Rebecca and I don't waste time. "How 'bout an Alliteration game?!" I said. "Huh? What's that?" she answered.

"Hmmmm...Tina Turkey talks two times on the telephone on Tuesdays."

She got it immediately, and started saying some of her own. While she spoke, I wrote another idea down...

"Now your turn! Try letter S!" She did, and then she chose another letter, B. (The B one is my favorite).

As I opened the door for Rebecca's mom she was still thinking of different sentences with alliteration.
That's what I want for Rebecca and each student at The English Schoolhouse.
For the lesson to still be going on, even when it's over.

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