F is for Fufu-An Alphabet Book


The Ghanaian Goldilocks is 107% funded at the time of this posting, and I can't thank those of you who've supported the project enough! It's so wonderful to know that this book, which I wholeheartedly believe deserves to be read, will be!

So, one of the great suggestions I received while in the process of writing The Ghanaian Goldilocks was to include some type of glossary for the terms that a person who's never visited Ghana might not know (like fufu, for example). That idea developed into a separate book, an alphabet book. The title is F is for Fufu. It will be published around the same time as The Ghanaian Goldilocks.

Because the Kickstarter campaign was so successful so quickly, and we still have 20 more days to fundraise, I am offering a free e-book of both The Ghanaian Goldilocks AND F is for Fufu to anyone who donates to the campaign...any amount (You can back the project here).

I will be updating the rewards and goal for the Kickstarter campaign shortly. But, two things will remain constant for F is for Fufu as well...
1. The book will be dedicated to the "village" that helped to publish it (all donators/backers of the project). All backers will be listed by name in the book.
2. Aaaaaaaaand, if you donate a certain amount (to be specified in the updated goals), your likeness based on a photo you provide me, will be illustrated in the book.

Thank you thank you thank you guys for your support. As cheesy as it sounds and is, this really is a dream come true.

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