The Ghanaian Goldilocks Playlist

Somebody famous once said something like "Art begets art begets art" or "inspiration begets inspiration begets inspiration"...or something like that.

It was Jay-Z.

Random, I know, and it would help if I could get the quote right. But I can't, nor do I care enough about the quote's accuracy to google it. Despite its errors, it's my inspiration for blogging at the moment. The Kickstarter campaign for the first children's book I've written, The Ghanaian Goldilocks, is in full swing. I really can't describe the feeling of having the book project 1/2 out there--I say half because it's not like it's been published-this is just the first step. And it's kind of all hanging in the balance, contingent on whether or not I can drum up enough supporters who believe in the book enough to back the project. I think it'll happen-we're almost 20% there with 29 days to go (who's counting? I'm counting.) Truth is, I don't know how it'll turn out...I do know it is exhilarating to be creative and have an outlet.

So my hope is that the imagery and content of the book work together to inspire the reader to do...whatever comes to mind first. Recently I've looked at the cover of the story and thought of songs.  I tweeted to Jill Scott late last week and said maybe she'd see the cover and get inspired to write a song...she retweeted it. I've also been thinking it'd be cool to make a Ghanaian Goldilocks playlist. Thought it'd be even cooler if you could help me do that. Why not, right? You're already here. So quick, take a look at the cover of the book and tell me the first song that comes to mind. You can comment below or on Facebook or twitter (@engschoolhouse)--you can help by sharing this post as well...
And if you really like what you see and hear, and you really feel inspired and feel kids would too if they had this book, then please consider throwing a pledge toward this Kickstarter campaign. Any type of support is wholeheartedly appreciated.

Here are the first 3 songs submitted...once I get to 15, I'll share the playlist with you guys.

*yours goes here*

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