Mosaic Workshop with Megan Mahan...Round 2

I was so disappointed that I had to leave early during the first Mosaic Workshop that schoolhouse mom Megan Mahan put on that I asked her to do facilitate it again last weekend, and she happily agreed.

Let me take a moment to do what Megan would never do herself...toot her horn. This girl is gifted. And super sweet. I stalked her work facebook page, which I just stumbled upon looking at her page, she's too humble to tell anyone about it, I guess. I was floored by the talent on display there. Ever since I've been filling her head with ideas on how to grow this into something big for herself. She deserves to be that...big.

For starters Megan's gonna be the resident art teacher at The English Schoolhouse (squeeeeeeal!). Makes sense because not only does she do mosaics, she also sculpts and paints. I have real admiration for people who create beautiful things with their hands, and am very thankful that Megan is gonna be on board at the schoolhouse in the future.

Stay tuned for what'll be regular, gorgeous, and fun events at the schoolhouse. We hope you'll come hang out with us and get inspired to create. Enjoy pics from the Mosaic Workshop below (and Megan's work fb page)!

Megan sketched this based on a page from my book F is for Fufu

Wanna see how the piece turned out? Check out Megan's facebook page...or you can drop by The English Schoolhouse. It's on display and will be forever and ever and always.

And now...drumroll please...a couple of Megan's incredible mosaic creations...

Blown away? Me too. Like Megan's FB page to see more!

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