Schoolhouse Art: African Art and Textiles Workshop

Wanna know why our gmail account is [email protected]?
'Cause it does.
So does our schoolhouse mama and regular weekend art teacher Megan Mahan.

She and I co-facilitated a wonderful workshop on African prints this past weekend, and some truly beautiful creations were made. Just take a look!

We'll be having more cultural workshops like these often on weekends, so keep up with us on facebook or sign up to get our newsletter to stay informed about what's going on at the schoolhouse.

See you soon and enjoy the pics!

example Megan showed the kids of what could be made

tools she used to carve small stamps out of erasers


potato stamps were my personal favorite

elephant and fish stamps not pictured-they were very popular

tempera paints for the little ones, acrylic paint for the big ones

some made scarves

others made print pieces

some made messes...which is a GOOD thing, we think.

Even Elmo got a scarf at the end of it.

'Best school in Rome. Period.' -Elmo

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