A Sneak Peek at the NeW bOoK! B is for Breakdancing!!!

I gotta post quick 'cause I gotta catch a train in just a bit and haven't even showered.

So a couple weeks ago I had this idea for an ABC book all about dances. If you follow The English Schoolhouse books, you know I'm on an ABC kick right now. I posted on FB recently that I think the reason behind that is because kids don't have to change their minds...they're too busy growing them.

There are so many things that are wrong in the world or could use improvement, but kids and the way their minds and hearts naturally love and process aren't one of them.

So I reached out to my illustrator Phil (can you guys BELIEVE this is book number SIX in less than a year?!?! Craaaaazy.) Here's how our creative process with the books goes...
-I come up with the idea.
-Storyboard it. (which means I send him a file with visual references, text, explain what things look like in my imagination)
-He nails it.

Check out a few of my favorite pages for the upcoming alphabet book B is for Breakdancing!
Oooooh! And if you wanna see more we're on Instagram now: @tamarapizzoli/@theenglishschoolhouse

Ok! I gotsta go. Can't miss this train...
Have a lovely day, homies!

Here's the cover

Ok, one last thing...
Not familiar with the Guedra dance?
I wasn't either...
Check it out here.

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