Fox Gallery Yesterday - A Relapse Story

Now see I don't get paid for these here shout outs in these blog posts.
(A fact I might need to look into changing soon...)

I highlight what I like on social media because there's no wisdom in keeping the good stuff you know to yourself.

So if you follow the blog you may have heard me talk about my favorite store in Rome, Fox Gallery.
I'm proud that The English Schoolhouse books are sold there because aesthetically and environmentally it's just the kinda place I'd wanna post up and be in all day. The only improvement I think they could make is snacks. I would never leave if they had falafel and red wine. Otherwise, lovely people with good conversation--check.

Here's Saskia, the boss lady and co-owner.

Good mood music--check! (I first heard Daft Punk & Pharrell's joint 'Get Lucky' while browsing in this store a year and a half or two back and blogged about it. I seriously remember thinking, "I don't ever wanna leave this place! I don't ever want this song to end!"

Knick-knacks and what nots and fun stuff I wish all belonged to me--all the checks.

They have a spectacular selection of wall art

and cool books

stuff for kids

Oooooh and look! We know those books!
There is one particular section of the store that is dangerous for me and yesterday when I popped in there I had to avoid altogether at ALL costs 'cause I just don't have any self control when I see all the glorious things that could, should, and would be mine if I had an endless budget to spend on writing materials. The journals and notebooks in this place, ya'll.

This ain't at Fox Gallery.
This was my situation about 10 hours ago while I was waiting for my girl Jen at happy hour.
Got the little pocket notebook from Fox Gallery.
It's one of like 50 I've gotten from there.
Anyhoo, yesterday I popped in & they were having a super special sale on finger puppets. I'm a recovering Kindergarten teacher/language school owner. I had a relapse.

I swear all it takes is some classic fairytales I haven't seen...
these are pop up books and gorgeous...

and some dang finger puppets

and boom...
I find myself having a #fixitJesus moment at the cash register.

So I chatted up Saskia as she rang me up and told her I was going to blog about what I'd found because I love the store and wanna support them. As a young entrepreneur I'm proud of them because it's not easy to start something on your own and be successful, especially in Rome. Espeeeecially being YOUNG in Rome.

"Right!" Saskia said. "People look at the store and think it's a franchise because it has this international feel, and I love that. But we're really all friends here. We need the support and appreciate it, especially in these economic times..."

Then she added something I thought was really interesting and true--

"A lot of times people will have a favorite store and then one day they'll see that it's closing and they're all sad about it, but maybe they haven't gone in awhile...maybe even a year or two. If you love a place, it helps if you go there and support it to make sure it stays open."


Cheers to one of my favorite spots in Rome, and warm wishes for you guys' continued success and growth.

You can catch me at Fox Gallery On The Regular...which reminds me of one of my favorite songs. If you ain't on to Shamir you need to be! And Saskia, when you read this, you should add this to the store's playlist! And stash me some red wine behind the counter please! And some chips!

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