Teachers Need Spell Check Too, Sometimes

When Rebecca and I hung out yesterday, she was completely excited about the "manycur" and "pedycur" she'd just gotten, complete with fuchsia nail polish.  We talked about her nails and what's been going on with her lately, and she was so excited to read me the story she'd written about the characters we'd developed last week.  Remember them?

She couldn't wait until we finished our routine to read it, so we worked a little out of order:

We corrected some of the spelling and grammatical errors in her piece, and I complimented her on having developed such an interesting storyline.  She beamed.

Then we moved along to our usual:
She did great on her spelling test--I know, I know-just tilt your head to the side.

and she read aloud the letter she'd written me in her communication journal.

We made a note of when to use "there" and "their"

and I wrote her back.

I used the words she'd misspelled from her story to come up with her new spelling words list that she'll practice all of this week:
Have no idea why everything is posting sideways--but you don't mind, right?
While I come up with her spellings words, Rebecca likes to doodle normally.  This week she used my beloved Do-a-Dot markers, and she's officially a fan.  I think her mom is going to have to order some.

We moved along to our book of the week: The Art Lesson by Tomie dePaola.  If you are not familiar with him as an author, I'd wholeheartedly recommend checking out anything he's ever written.  His stories are so light and enjoyable, a real treat for younger and older readers alike.
Rebecca is an artist at heart; she enjoyed the story and was excited to move along to the craft.  I recently bought a tub of beads from IKEA that I thought we could use:

I had a necklace in mind, but Rebecca came up with a fabulous pinky ring, instead.

During the lesson, I always jot down new terms or words that she's misspelled. The first word from yesterday, naturally, was "fuchsia". It wasn't until I was reading a Little Bill book aloud to my son before putting him to bed last night that I realized I'd completely misspelled the word "fuchsia" during the lesson.  I'd gone with something like "f-u-s-c-h-i-a".  Don't judge me...I won many a spelling bee in my day!  I don't know what to blame the mistake on, actually.  But I do know that Rebecca's gonna get a huge kick out of having to correct ME on how to spell "fuchsia" next week.

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