Andrew's Loose Tooth & Crafty Apple Cores...

Yesterday in the afternoon I hung out with a brother and sister duo--Luca and Ella.  Luca's five, and Ella is three.  We did our normal routine, and I used this book for the read-aloud. It's one of my favorites, and I've blogged about it before, I'm pretty sure.

 Robert Munsch is guaranteed silly, fun reading.  He's so silly in fact that the teacher whom I believe is the very best teacher I've ever met can't stand him...but I think he's kinda like Dr. Seuss in that the nonsense and ridiculousness is what draws the reader in...particularly little ones.  In this book, Andrew has a stubborn loose tooth that just won't come out.  It even hurts to eat his apple.

 I also like the predictable text of the story, and how you can use it to enhance vocabulary.  Every time Andrew tries to eat his apple, he does the same thing.

I brought 2 apples to the lesson with me--one to eat, and the other to practice the vocabulary from the story...
picking up an apple
shining it on our shirts
taking a bite
screaming, "Yeeeeee-oooooow!"

Then we made crafty apples.  I've seen this done with paper plates on Pinterest.  I'd forgotten mine at the schoolhouse, so we just used good ol' white printer paper.  Worked like a charm.

I left the book with the kids' mom for her to read to them daily this week.  I have no doubt in my mind that next week they'll know exactly what an apple is, as well as a few other important phrases.

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