Writing Workshop with Schoolhouse Summer Camp Kids

Today was our first official day of Writer's Workshop at the schoolhouse, and it really resonated with the kids.

I began by giving each of them their very own Writer's Notebook.  We talked about what it's purpose is (to write down whatever is in their brains, on their minds, and/or on their hearts).  I showed them the different writing utensils they are welcome to use to write (markers, crayons, pencils), and we talked about expectations.
And the difference between actual writing and chicken scratch.
Then I turned on our background music...
How can you NOT be in the mood to write when Miles Davis is playing...just add coffee and we coulda been Starbucks Cafe' this morning.
Then we wrote:

I wrote as well because during my student teaching experience in 2001 I learned a very valuable lesson from Mrs. Vee Williams at Stonewall Jackson Elementary--when the children write, so do you.  It's called modeling.
Happy to report there's not a scribbler in the bunch.

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