Reduce, Reuse, WEcycle...

Over the last four days of summer camp, we've generated a significant amount of rubbish.  Though I knew I wanted to have a recycling system in place at The English Schoolhouse, I knew that I wanted it to be part of a lesson for the children, many of whom are already recyclers at home.

So we started with a chat yesterday.  I pulled out the trash can that was almost full to the brim.  "Gosh, this sure is a lot of trash," I began.  A few of the kids nodded.  I continued, "It just bothers me to no end that it's all lumped in here together and we haven't been recycling for the last couple of days.  We have to change that.  We have to change that today!"  *Blank stares*

"Well can anyone tell me what recycling means?" I asked.  Kira, age 4, quickly raised her hand and said, "Yes! It's when we go on the bicycle, WE CYCLE!"

I love my job.

So we talked about doing our part to take care of the Earth...and how recycling is a huge responsibility for us and an even bigger help to our planet.
We talked about making things with plastic and paper instead of just throwing them away.

For example, a big plastic bottle could totally be transformed into...


We got these great cardboard boxes the last time we were at Leroy Merlin, the Italian equivalent to Home Depot.
The kids helped to color and decorate them.

We labeled both boxes--one is the Paper Recycling Bin, the other is for Plastic.

We gave them a proper spot in the room and used them all day long today.
You see?! Reduce, Reuse, WECYCLE!

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