The Book I'm Writing...and Phil Howell is Illustrating

Lately I've been finding myself so full of creative energy and ideas and drive that I can hardly contain it all.  The issue is that there is simply not enough time in the day to get it all done...especially not when you're parenting and running a new business.  I've resolved that 'not enough time' just can't be an excuse. It can't be my excuse.

Somewhere recently I read that ideas are just intuition, and if that is the case, and I proudly live my life following intuition, then I owe it to these ideas/intuitions to make sure that they get done.  I have to give them the time and energy they deserve to be able to evolve and become what they are meant to be.

So the other day I started looking around on the oracle of life--Google--for illustrators for the children's book I want to write am writing.  About 22 seconds into my search I lucked upon the fantastic Phil Howell. I was scrolling through an infinite page of images when I saw an illustrated version of the group who provided the soundtrack to my life in the 90s...The Fugees.

I immediately fell for Phil's design aesthetic, and knew/know it'd be perfect for the book idea I have in mind. Next I did what anyone in my position would do, I looked at every single image this man has posted on the internet and read his blog. Here are some of my favs...

But his illustrations of Kanye West have my heart...

You can buy them at his Etsy store for a great price here...

Then I did what the Texan in me commanded. I contacted him.
And told him my idea for the book.
And asked him if he would illustrate it.
He said yes.
And told me a price.
Will I have to save up for a couple of months? Yes.
Is it possible that I will be selling a used designer bag or two on ebay to help fund this project?
Is it worth it?
Hell yes.

Part of the reason I'm blogging about this idea/intuition is the accountability of it all.  If I put it out there into the universe, then I have more of a reason to actually follow through with it. To see it through to the end. Not just let it marinate in the saved documents of Microsoft Word.  So if you know me personally (and even if you don't) and you don't hear me mention progress on this book thing after awhile, please ask me about it.  I think the support will help me move from the writing to the publishing process sooner rather than later.

Wish I could tell you all about it, but this is the internet after all.  And folks be thievin'.

I can tell you that it's a take on an old, old story. Set in Ghana. And it's about a boy named Kofi.

Intrigued? I hope so, and let's both hope I finish it soon.

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