Schoolhouse Recipes: Call Pizza Hut and Dominoes and tell them you wanna break up.

Cook like an Italian, speak like an American.
There's no reason you should be buying your pizza. Ok, there are a few good reasons.
But that's not the point. The point is, you don't have to buy your pizza.
You know better.
At least you will after reading this post.
Say it with me..."I own the kitchen."
Let's do this.

By the way, if you're a person that likes exact measurements, this isn't the post for you. Because the dough is Flaviano's recipe, and he cooks like an Italian nonna (grandma)--eyeballing.  But lucky for you Google exists--if you really wanna know exactly how much flour and other ingredients you need, just look it up!

Alright, to make the dough you'll need the following ingredients:
lievito di pasta madre (natural yeast)
a pinch of salt

I'm trying to pull at least an idea of how much of each ingredient is needed out of Flaviano as I type and he watches t.v.  The conversation thus far has gone something like this-
Me: But I can't post it if you don't tell me at least an idea of how much of each thing is needed.
Him: Che ti devo dire? (What do you want me to say?)
Me: The recipe, dammit. An estimation?
Him: Ah Tama--che ti devo dire?

Vabbé. (That's Roman for whatever...and o.k.) Look up the dough recipe. Moving along...
This past week we went to Flavi's grandparents' adorable house in the mountains. It's cozy and quaint like the homes of most nonnis. Here's how my husband's fam made pizza...

knead the dough

cover dough and let sit for at least 10 hours--preferably 16

roll out the dough--
Flaviano says if your dough recipe is good enough, you don't need the rolling pin...
you can shape the pizzas with your hands

have your toppings set aside

Flavi's uncle cooked the sausage in the wood-burning oven outside first.
Flavi thought this was blasphemy.
Had he been in charge of making the pizzas, he would have placed small clumps of raw sausage
directly on the pizza prior to baking.

the uncle I mentioned

 So you put the desired toppings on the pizzas...cheese, peppers, mushrooms, sausage, salami...whatever you'd like.
and use this impressive device to put the pizza in/pull it out of the oven

swoon over the adorable puppies napping while the pizza cooks

There were four of them--and they all look like little lambs.
 What's that?! The pizza's ready?!

Let us know if you try it on your own!  It works in an electric oven, too...

200 degrees Celsius until the edges are brown--around 5 minutes.

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